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Project Management


Project Management

  • Managing Project of any kinds.
  • Support Business Start-up and Mobilization.
  • Guide the team through organizational change process.
  • Provide qualified resources for transition period including labourers, supervisors, managers and executives.
  • Perform Feasibility Study.
  • Obsolescence management (rail industry).
  • Railway Safety Management Systems
  • Identification and implementation of technology solutions adapted to your needs

Business Process Improvement

Understanding of the challenges faced;

  • Establishment of the mandate;

Discovery / Analysis of Operational Efficiency;

  • On site observations;
  • Interview with management;
  • Interview with front line employees;

Recommendation and Implementation base on analysis;

  • Highlight and Re-enforce Best Practices;
  • Development of Efficient Business Processes;
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures;

Implementation of Measure and control;

  • Development of KPI;
  • Continuous Improvement

Business and Leadership Development

  • Strategic and Operational Planning.
  • Leadership Training Development.
  • On-site Leadership coaching.
  • Support sales and bids team in responding to tenders.
  • Develop and Implement the Marketing and Sales Strategies.
  • Customer Services Development.
  • Perform Basic Market analysis.
  • Health, Safety and Environment Management training.
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