Rick Tripoli

Railway Expert, Improvement of Maintenance Programs

Rick has served in the Railroad industry for more than 40 years in various capacities to, include, rolling stock maintenance and repair, renovation and train operations. Ricks career began in the 1970’s with focus on maintaining diesel electric, electric and electric MU trainsets. With his technical expertise, and natural supervisory skills, he successfully managed people and processes with a high degree of success. Being recognized for his performance management style he moved to positions of significant responsibility and given free reign to build and develop a productive and effective operation from safety to asset maintenance and capital programs

Rick has built and deployed maintenance programs for several railroad mobilization and startups such as Shoreline East Commuter Rail startup in 1990, The Linea Coahuila and Chiapas Mayab short line railroad startups in Mexico in 1998 and 2000, to name a few.

When called on, Rick was selected to manage and direct major rolling stock facilities in the US such as Chicago terminal, Los Angeles and Oakland rolling stock maintenance, and, to Direct Operations for the 5th largest (1996) Commuter Rail Operation in the USA, MBTA. In Boston.

Rick has served in many different locations in the US and Canada to learn about the many capacities and abilities of rolling stock locations throughout the region. The backdrop plays a critical roll in enabling such a diverse management and technical capability such as monitoring new railcar and locomotive manufacturing, overhauls, acceptance testing and maintenance requirements, facility environmental requirements and employee safety.

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