Claude Bellware

Railway Expert, Project Management, Coaching for Management, Customer Relationship

Claude Bellware is an outstanding manager who began his career in the rail industry. He also has extensive experience in Maintenance and Operations and in the manufacturing industry throughout North America.

A leader in rail operations and maintenance, he has successfully managed major rail sites on both the passenger and freight side in Canada and the United States. Competent and expert person, able to determine the root cause when problems arise, plan the recovery and bring the company back to success. He is an excellent communicator with strong organizational development and administrative skills.

Also an expert on the manufacturing side, he has managed major sites in Canada and the United States, mainly in the field of locomotive and car modernization and retrofitting. His leadership on the manufacturing side has led him to work on projects for the construction and maintenance of low-emission (eco-friendly) locomotives and specialized rail electronics products.

In addition, he has gained experience in sales and marketing, where he has participated in North American passenger car, locomotive, bus and international projects in Asia.

Claude is a graduate in industrial relations and studied health and safety at the Montreal University

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